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CostMiner estimating software: onscreen takeoff.
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CostMiner helps construction companies, general contractors and subcontractors streamline their cost estimating process and prepare accurate estimates with little effort.

Simple yet powerful

Our customers often mention two things that they like about CostMiner: its Simplicity and its Features.

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At $25 per month, you will not find a better deal. Most estimating packages for construction industry cost thousands upfront. With CostMiner, you get feature-rich bidding software for a reasonable price.

Quantity Takeoff

Eliminate time-consuming manual take-offs by switching to the digital take-off from PDFs and DWGs integrated with the cost estimate.

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Cost Estimating

Create job estimates for material and labour costs using job templates and composite rates. Issue quotes or export to Excel.

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Progress Claims

Track progress for individual items in your construction projects and generate progress claims for the customers.

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Build reports to analyse business performance and accuracy of rates.


With data safely stored in the Cloud, connect from Windows, Mac or Chromebook.


Work on your cost estimates together with other people on the team.

What our customers are saying

"CostMiner is simple and intuitive, it is always available as long as you are connected to the Internet, works on multiple platforms, constantly evolves and has exceptional support. I could not be more satisfied, and it is true that a good part of the success of our business is due to the help of CostMiner."

Bruno Rodrigues, JGR Construções, Portugal

"CostMiner is the most beneficial and cost-effective QS system we have used, and we are pleased to have changed to it. It is so accurate and easy to use. The support we had setting it up was great, and with their help set it up specifically for our needs. I would highly recommend trying it."

Dion Kerr, MR Box, New Zealand

Demos and Tutorials

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Construction Takeoff is a process of preparing a list of work items based on design documents and quantifying them. More often than not, the source data for calculating the item quantities is obtained by measuring lengths and areas of construction elements from drawings, as well as counting identical elements. If done by hand, this is the most tedious part of estimating a construction project, and that is where on-screen takeoff software becomes indispensable.

Learn how to estimate a job with the CostMiner takeoff software.


  • Estimate Templates

    An Estimate Template in CostMiner can be thought of as an advanced pricelist that in addition to item descriptions and rates defines the structure of the estimate with all required headings. For example, when you add a new item 'Excavator' form the template, the system also creates 'Site preparation' and 'Equipment hire' headings above it or places the item where it is supposed to be if the headings already exist.

  • How to Use Job Templates with Shared Quantities and Measurements

    Combining the Shared Quantities and Measurements feature of CostMiner with the Job Templates allows completing construction takeoff for a typical project within a few clicks on the plan and creating a cost estimate without entering any additional data.


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Also, we offer a free takeoff tool, which is a limited version of the take-off facility of CostMiner.

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