Estimate Templates

Estimate Templates can be thought of as price lists that at the same time provide a structure for an estimate. In this tutorial we will create an Estimate template and then use it to prepare an estimate. Please note that Estimate Templates are different from the Job Templates.

Creating an Estimate Template

Open templates

Click Estimate Templates in the Lookups section.

Create template

Click New in the Template section of the ribbon to add a new Estimate Template.

New template properties

Enter the name for the template and press Save.

Create heading

Now we will need to add headings and items to the template. Click Insert > Heading in the ribbon to add a heading. Then enter the heading name.

Add items

Add items under the heading.

Add composite rate

To create an item with a composite rate, add a new line by enter the name (or any other field) and then click '...'.

Composite rate tick

In the opened window, fill in the rest of the fields as required and click Composite. That will show a table with the items that constitute the edited rate.

Pick nested rate

Select an item to include in the rate from the drop-down list.

Composite rate columns populated

The system will add the item name, unit of measure and rate to the table.

Enter quantity

Enter a quantity for the item.

Composite rate total

Add the rest of the items. The composite rate is displayed at the bottom. Click OK to save the item.


The composite rate is displayed with the blue colour.


Once completed the list, click Save.

Using the Template

Let's use the template we have just created to prepare the estimate for a new job.

Add from template

Start a new job, open the estimate and click Add from Template

Select template

Select the estimate template we have just defined from the dropdown list in the ribbon. This template will be associated with the job in the future.

Loaded template

The template content will be loaded in the window.

Adding template items

Tick the items that you would like to include in the estimate and click Add.

Template items added to the estimate

The items will be placed in the estimate with all their headings to preserve the structure defined in the template.

Adding more template items

Click Add from Template again and pull some more items into the estimate.

Added more template items

The new lines were placed in accordance with their position in the template.

Add in-place

An item can be also added from the drop-down in the template column. Only the items that appear under the respective heading in the estimate template will appear in the dropdown. In this example, only the items that are under Equipment heading in the template will be listed.

Item from drop-down

This is the item that was added using the drop-down.

Updating Template Items

After a template item has been modified, it is possible to update the estimate to reflect the changes.

Change rate

Change a rate.

Rate recalculated

The dependent rate was recalculated.


Save the changes. That will not change the existing estimates that use the modified template items.


Tick the items that you want to update and click Update Rates.

Confirm update

Confirm applying the changes. The rate, unit and resource type will be updated. The name and code will remain the same even if they have been changed in the template.

After update

The changes have been applied.

Update single item

Alternatively, you can update a single item by opening the drop-down in the Template column and clicking Update.