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Billing Screen

  1. To open the Billing screen, click 'Billing' on the main screen of the My Business Module.

  2. The billing screen will be displayed.

    The 'Overview' section shows the current balance, upcoming payments and automatic payments status.

    The 'Bills' section lists the issued bills with the most recent ones at the top.

    The 'Payments' section shows the payments that have already been received, as well as the scheduled payments if credit card details are entered.

    It may take some time for your payment to be processed, or our credit card processing provider may want us to review the transaction before it is finalised. In that case the payment will temporarily appear in the 'Payments Under Review' section until it is accepted or rejected. In the latter case, the money will be returned to your account.

Make a Payment

  1. To make a payment, click 'Make Payment'.

  2. Enter credit card details and the amount to be paid. By default it is the amount currently due.

    Click 'Submit' to make the payment.

Automatic Payments

  1. To set up automatic payments, click 'Automatic Payments'.

  2. Enter credit card details and click 'Activate'.

  3. The automatic payments status will be updated.

  4. To disable automatic payments, click 'Automatic Payments' again and confirm the change when prompted.

  5. To change the credit card details, disable automatic payments and then enable them again.