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Resource Types

Labour, Materials and Equipment are examples of Resource Types. You pick items from the Resource Types lookup list when creating Estimate Items or defining Estimate Item Templates.


Resource Types Screen

  1. To open the Resource Types screen, click 'Resource Types' on the main screen of the Lookups Module.

  2. A list of Resource Types will be displayed.

Create a new Resource Type

  1. To create a new item, click 'New Type'.

  2. The New Resource Type Dialog will be displayed. Enter a full and short name for the new item and click Save.

Edit a Resource Type

To edit an existing Resource Type, click the pen icon in the respective row.

Delete a Resource Type

To delete items from the list, tick them and then click 'Delete'.

Restore a deleted Resource Type

Resource Types are not completely disposed of when deleted. Instead, they are just hidden. To restore a deleted Resource Type, do the following.

  1. Tick 'Show Deleted'. The deleted items will become visible.

  2. Edit the item to be restored. Untick 'Deleted' and click 'Save'.