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Job Estimate

To open the estimate for a job, select the job on the main screen of the Jobs Module and click 'Open' in the Estimate section.

Estimate Screen will be displayed.

Estimate Screen has the following areas.

  • Ribbon whith 5 pages:

    • Home - the most frequently used buttons.

    • Estimate - commands for editing the Estimate and Quantity tables.

    • Progress Claims - progress claim commands.

    • View - allows customising the estimate workspace and managing views.

    • Takeoff - takeoff operations.

  • Estimate Table - contains the headings and line items that constitute the estimate. It also allows entering Progress Claims.

  • Quantity Table - calculates quantity for the focused line in the Estimate based on takeoff measurements or manually entered dimensions.

  • Takeoff - provides input to the Quantity Table by tracing or counting objects on a plan.

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