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Custom Views


Customising Current View

To change the sizes of the panels in the estimate workspace, drag the panel separators as required. To completely hide the Quantity Table and the Takeoff, click the Takeoff button in the ribbon. To restore the panels, click Takeoff again.

To show or hide the most common optional columns, toggle the column button in the Columns group in the ribbon.

To display and configure the full list of the columns, click More...

To resize a column, move its right border as required. To move a column, drag its caption and drop it at the new position.

To change the height of the rows in the Estimate Table, select the desired number of lines in the Ribbon.

Managing Views

The current view settings will be lost if you navigate away from the Estimate or switch to a different view (see below). You can give your current layout a name and save it for future use.

The system maintains a list of customisable views. Each job has a view assigned to it, and when you open the estimate for the job, it is displayed using this view. A new job is assigned a predefined view called 'Default'.

To switch to a different view, select it in the ribbon. The new view will be assigned to the job and used next time when you open the estimate.

If you made any changes to your current view, they will be lost at this point. If you want to keep them, save the current view.

To save current view, click Save View in the ribbon.

To save the current settings as a new view, click New. The system will prompt for a name, create the view and switch to it.

To rename current view, click Name.

To delete current view, click Delete. It is not possible to delete the 'Default' view.