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Shared Quantities

You can define a named quantity that has a fixed value or is calculated using a Quantity Table, and then use that quantity in multiple items in the job estimate. For example, a shared quantity called "Concrete Volume" can be used in the "Concrete" and "Concrete Pump" items in the estimate. Changing the quantity later will update both items.

The shared quantity can also be used as a parameter in a job template. The items in the template can reference this quantity. When you start a new job, you just enter or take off this quantity, and the items are calculated automatically.

The "Quantities" tab contains the Shared Quantities.

To add a shared quantity, enter its description and value.

To calculate a Shared Quantity using a Quantity Table and take-off, focus the quantity and then fill in the table in a way similar to the regular Estimate Items.

To convert an existing quantity in the estimate to a Shared Quantity, focus the item that contains this quantity and then press 'Share" in the Quantity Table.

Enter the name and click OK.

Now you can reference this quantity from other items.

To use a Shared Quantity in an item, focus the item and then select the quantity from the drop-down above the Quantity Table.

The Shared Quantity will replace the current quantity for the item.

Changing the Shared Quantity for an item will change it everywhere in the estimate.

To disconnect the current item from a Shared Quantity, click 'Unshare'.

That will not change the Shared Quantity itself or the other items that use it.

To delete Shared Quantities, select them and then click Delete in the ribbon.