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Shared Measurements

You can define a named measurement that has a fixed value or uses take-off, and then reference that measurement in Quantity Tables. It can provide a dimension value for multiple lines in multiple Quantity Tables. For example, a shared measurement called "Floor Area" can be used to calculate quantity for the Flooring and Ceiling Paint items. Changing the measurement later will update both items.

The shared measurement can also be used as a parameter in a job template. The items in the template can reference this quantity. When you start a new job, you just enter or take off this measurement, and the quantities that depend on it are calculated automatically.

The "Measurements" tab contains the Shared Measurements.

Shared Measurements

To add a shared measurement, enter its description and value.

Add shared measurement

To use take off for a Shared Measurement, focus the measurement and then take it off in a usual way.

Take off shared measurement

To convert an existing measurement in the Quantity Table to a Shared Measurement, focus the dimension cell that represents this measurement and then press 'Share" above the take-off results.

Share existing measurement

Enter the name and click OK.

Giving hared measurement a name

Shared measurement has been added

Now you can reference this measurement from other lines in the Quantity Table.

To use a Shared Measurement, focus the dimension and then select the measurement from the drop-down above the take-off results.

Selecting a shared measurement

The Shared Measurement will replace the current dimension value.

Dimension value replaced with shared measurement

Changing the Shared Measurement for a dimension will change it everywhere in the estimate.

To disconnect the current dimension from a Shared Measurement, click 'Unshare'.

Detaching from shared measurement

That will not change the Shared Measurement itself or the dimensions that still use it.

To delete Shared Measurements, select them and then click Delete in the ribbon.

Deleting shared measurement