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Quantity Table

Instead of entering an item quantity, you can calculate it based on measurements using the Quantity Table.

To open the table for a quantity, select the item in the Estimate Table.

Fill in the Quantity Table. You can use the Take Off Panel to provide values for the Length, Width, Height, Height 2 and Factor columns.

Each row in the table represents a length, area or volume being measured. It can be skirtings length, floor area, footings volume, etc. To calculate the line total, the system multiplies the 'Length', 'Width', 'Height' and 'Factor' fields. If H 2 (Height 2) is provided, the height is calculated as Height + Height_2 / 2. This can be used to measure the area of raked walls. The sum of line totals gives us the parent item quantity.

To insert a blank line above the current item, press the button highlighted in the following screenshot.

To move or copy one or more rows, tick them, focus a cell in the row in front of which the items must be moved and then click 'Move' or 'Clone'. To move or copy to a different item, after selecting rows, switch to a different item, focus the insertion point and press the button.

To open the plan that contains the take-off for the focused item, click the Go to Plan button.

To subtract the total for a line from the total quantity instead of adding it, e.g. for openings, click the + sign to change it to -.

To delete one or more rows, tick them and then click 'Delete'.

To be able to manually enter a single quantity in the Estimate Table again, you will need to delete all items from the Quantity table first.

To round the total quantity, select the rounding method from the dropdown.