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Estimate Table


Estimate sheet


The table has the following columns, which can be hidden.

Column Name Description
Template The Estimate Item Template the item is based on.
Code Item code.
Description Item description.
Type Resource type, e.g. labour or material.
Quantity Item quantity. Quantity can be entered directly or provided using the Quantity Table.
Unit The unit of measure for the quantity.
Factor An optional multiplier for the quantity.
Q*F Quantity * Factor.
Rate Item rate.
Cost Quantity * Factor * Rate.
+ % Item markup.
+ R% Markup for the resource type. This markup is the same for all items of the same type in a job.
Price Rate * (1 + Item Markup) * (1 + Resource Markup).
Total Quantity * Factor * Rate * (1 + Item Markup) * (1 + Resource Markup).
Prev. Qty Quantity claimed in previous periods.
Prev. % % claimed in previous periods.
Prev. Cost Cost claimed in previous periods.
Prev. $ Amounts claimed in previous periods.
Claim Qty Quantity claimed for this period.
Claim % % claimed for this period.
Claim Cost Cost claimed for this period.
Claim $ Amount claimed for this period.
Qty to d/t Quantity claimed to date.
% to d/t % claimed to date.
Cost to d/t Cost claimed to date.
$ to d/t Amounts claimed to date.

Multiline Descriptions

If you need to view or enter item descriptions that have more than one line of text, you can use the description field in the Ribbon, or change the height of the lines in the table.

To use the first method, select the description cell for the item. The text will be available for editing in the multiline box in the ribbon.

Edit multiline description in the ribbon

To edit multiline descriptions in the table itself, change the row height to 3 or more lines in the Ribbon.

Edit multiline description in the table

To add another line, press Shift-Enter instead of Enter because pressing just Enter will move focus to another cell.

Creating and Deleting Items and Headings

To create a new item at the bottom of the table, start editing the last blank row.

Add new item to estimate

To insert a new item above the current line, click the Item toolbar button in the Insert group.

Insert new item in estimate

To insert a new heading above the current line, click the Heading toolbar button in the Insert group.

Insert heading in estimate

To delete one or more items, tick them and then click 'Delete'.

Delete item from estimate

Editing Structure

To indent or outdent items or headings, select them and click the Indent or Outdent buttons in the toolbar.

Indent or outdent estimate item

To move or copy one or more items, tick them, focus a cell in the row in front of which the items must be inserted and then click 'Move' or 'Clone'.

Mark item to move

Move item

Using Estimate Templates

To add headings and items from an Estimate Template:

  1. Click the 'Add From Template' button.

    'Add from template' button

    Estimate Templates Window

  2. Select the Estimate Template if the template that you want to use is not the default template for the job or if the job does not have a default template, tick the items to be copied and click 'Add'. The system will transfer the items to the estimate. Also, it will create all headings that contain the copied items even if the headings were not selected explicitly.

    Results of adding an item from template

    Once one or more lines were added to an estimate from a template, the template becomes the default Estimate Template for the job.

To apply an Estimate Item Template to an individual item or heading, click the 'Template' field and select the template from the drop-down list. Start typing the name to search for the Item Template. All items in the drop-down will be coming from the default template. If the job does not have a default template assigned, all items from all templates will be included. If the Estimate Item is under a heading and the heading is associated with a heading template, only the Item Templates that appear under the heading template will be filtered out.

Adding template item in-line

The item code, description, type, measurement unit and rate will be copied from the applied Item Template.

Results of selecting item in-line

If an item has been changed after a template was applied to it, you can reset its type, unit and rate back to the ones of the linked template by clicking 'Update...' when the template drop-down is visible.

Update item from template

To reset type, unit and rate for selected items based on their linked Estimate Item Templates, click 'Update Rates'.

Update selected items from template

Excel Export

To export the entire table to Excel, click the Export to Excel button in the toolbar. CostMiner will create all required formulas in the spreadsheet to calculate line, heading and job totals, so you may need to enable editing the Excel document to calculate the fields.

Export estimate to Excel

Saving Changes

To save the items, click 'Save'. To save and return back to the headings, click 'Save and Go to Headings'.

Save and return