Job templates

Job templates in CostMiner make estimating a typical construction project easy. All you need to do is fill-in or take-off the parameter values for a particular job, and CostMiner will prepare an estimate and a quote for the customer. Learn more.

Job templates

Rate look-ups

In CostMiner, you can define Estimate Templates, which work as structured price lists with headings and sub-headings. When you add a new item with a rate from this look-up list to a job estimate, all relevant headings are copied as well if they do not exist, or the new item is placed under the right heading if it is already there. Learn more.

Composite Rates

Rates can be combined into a Composite Rate. A Composite Rate can include both simple and composite rates, and the number of levels is unlimited. When you change one of the rates, all composite rates that depend on it are recalculated automatically.

Creating a look-up for rates

Custom workspace layout for each activity

From time to time, you may want to adjust your workspace to suit the type of work you are doing right now. For a new job, all you need to see is the Item Description, Type and Unit. When quantifying items, onscreen takeoff has to be given as much room as possible, while most columns in the estimate can be hidden. On the other hand, when pricing the project or completing a progress claim, you want to get take-off out of the way to make space for the columns in the estimate.

With CostMiner, you can quickly switch between predefined window and column configurations as your activities change. You can also define your own favourite views.

Customising costminer workspace for diffrent activities

Export to Excel with formulas

When a job is exported to Excel, CostMiner includes formulas in the spreadsheet. You can easily adjust the estimate as all totals will be recalculated automatically.

Exporting estimate to Excel

Quotes and invoices for customers

You can use provided designs or define your own templates for quotes and invoices generated by the system.

CostMiner quote