CostMiner Billing Rules

This page sets out how we calculate the Fee for using the service, when the Fee is payable and how not paying it on time affects your access to CostMiner.

CostMiner Subscription

For users to be able to work with a Business Space in CostMiner, the Business Space needs to have an active Subscription. The initial Subscription for a new Business Space provides access to the System during the trial period and expires after one month from the day when the space was created (Expiry Date). After that, the subscription can be renewed (the Expiry Date can be moved forward) by placing an order in CostMiner and paying the applicable Fee.

Billing Period

To renew your Subscription, you need to pay Fee for the current Billing Period. The current Billing Period starts on the day when your subscription expired and ends on the last day of the current month. The first Billing Period begins when your trial ends, which can be any day of the month, and spans until the end of the month. The following Billing Periods will normally coincide with calendar months, providing that you renew your subscription on time. If the renewal was delayed for 1 month or longer, the billing period will be extended into the next month as well.

Fee amount

The Fee calculations are based on the User Monthly Fee, which is currently $25 Australian Dollars. Eventually, for each user, you are paying the User Monthly Fee for every month in which they had access to the system.

The Fee payable for the current Billing Period is calculated as the sum of the following:

  1. An amount based on the length of the current billing period and the number of users at the beginning of the period.
  2. Adjustments for the changes in the number of users during the previous billing period, if any.

Both components are calculated on pro-rata basis.

If you lost more than 50% of users in the previous Billing Period, the adjustments for that period may result in an amount being credited to you in the current Billing Period. That credit will be used in the future when you place an order before your credit card is charged. The credit does not become available unless you place an order through the system and we generate a credit note for you.

The above adjustments for the previous Billing Period is just a part of Fee calculations for the current Billing Period and do not create a liability outside of the invoice or credit note for the current Billing Period.

Access Suspension

If your subscription to a Business Space expired more than 14 days ago, access to the Business Space will be disabled until the subscription is renewed.

Space Termination

If your subscription to a Business Space expired more than 2 months ago, we will remove the Business Space from your account and delete the data from our system.

We will send you notifications by e-mail before deleting the space. It is still possible that you will miss or not receive these notifications because of spam filters or technical problems that are out of our control. The best way to ensure that your subscription is always up-to-date is to set up an automatic subscription renewal.


In accordance with the CostMiner Terms of Use, we may make changes to these Billing Rules from time to time. You should periodically check this page to see if we have made any ammendments. A link to the document is provided on the home Page.

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