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CostMiner helps managing customers and projects. You can define templates and use them when creating new jobs.

Construction job management.


The job estimate and take-off can be opened side-by-side.

Estimate sheet and take-off side-by-side.

Reuse Outlines

The same perimeter take-off can be used to calculate area and length for multiple items.

Reusing a perimiter to measure volumes and areas for different items.


The system can also count objects on the plan. With DWGs, it can detect them automatically.

Count objects as part of take-off.

Export to Excel

The estimate is exported to Excel with all necessary formulas so that you can easily adjust it later.

Export estimates to Excel.


The quote templates can be changed to suit your design and style.

Generate a quote based on the estimate.

Progress Claims

The interface for entering progress information is integrated with the original estimate.

Creating progress claims.

Progress Certificate

The system generates a progress document for the customer.

Progress Claim Report