On-screen quantity takeoff

The takeoff tool is integrated into the system, so you can upload floor plans and measure areas and lengths as well as count objects right in the browser. CostMiner recalculates estimate items and heading totals automatically as you trace the objects on the plan.

Area takeoff

The calculation sheet helps working out the quantity based on the take-off measurements. For instance, in the following example we multiply the internal wall length by its height to find the vertical area. In addition, we multiply the window width by its height to calculate the window opening area that needs to be subtracted.

Length takeoff

As any other data in the system, plans and take-off measurements are stored in the cloud and can be shared by all users of your business space.

When importing a plan, the following image formats are supported:

  • Vector formats (drawings): DWG (AutoCAD), PDF, SVG (vector files give the best image quality that does not deteriorate as you zoom in)

  • Raster formats (pictures): PDF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, GIF, BMP