Everything in CostMiner revolves around jobs. In addition to the customer details and site address, job information includes labour and material profit margins, start and finish dates and the current job status. An important element of a job is its cost estimate. Estimates may optionally use take-off for calculating labour and material quantities.

Job Explorer

You can search jobs by different criteria, including the site address and customer information. The system displays a quick overview for the filtered-out jobs, including estimated labour, material and total costs.

The software generates the following documents for a job:

  • Quote is an extract from the estimate that you can give to your customers or use for your own references. It may include profit margins added to the estimated costs.

  • Invoice is based on the quote. It contains the same data as the job quote (estimate).

  • Shopping list can be used to fill in an order or request a quote from a subcontractor or as an actual shopping checklist. Its contents is somewhat similar to the one of a quote, but it shows labour, materials, subcontractors and other resource types separately. If the estimate items use composite rates, the system will work out the individual simple rate components for them.

You can track the job progress by entering the start and finish dates and changing the status from Planned to In Progress once the work has commenced and from In Progress to Complete when it has been finished.

New jobs can be created from scratch or based on user-defined templates. The templates may include profit margins and a skeleton of the estimate typical for a particular type of job, e.g. residential renovation or new property landscaping.